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Provide a 150 word response the below discussion question answer in apa format with in-text citations and references

Answer: The video is very powerful as Joe describes the accounts he had with his Commander.  The Commander clearly understands that family needs to come before work, and in a military situation, there is usually very little wiggle room to just take off from your duties.  The Commander made an enormous difference in Joe’s life and worked hard for Joe and his family.  He found the best doctor around to help his son, than after hearing that the child would require a lot of blood products he coordinated this enormous blood drive.  By doing this, he didn’t only affect Joe’s family, but think of the example and impact he must have had on all of the soldiers that stood by waiting to donate.  We have the follow up story about how Joe’s servant leader inspired him to serve but I can be almost certain that those other soldiers were also moved and impacted by the gesture from the Commander.  These principles align with Greenleaf because the Commander demonstrated empathy, listening and he completely went out of his way to serve the Schmitt family.  He put their needs before the needs of the military with all of these projects Joe was working on. These actions are also very Christian like because he is essentially being called to serve others and now Joe spearheads the Wounded Warrier project.  I like to think that the Commander had been inspired to perform the acts because he too has a story to tell like Joe Schmitt now does.


Original Question:

Watch the video “Servant Leadership – Joe Schmitt.” Discuss why this is a good example of leadership through acts of service in terms of the way the actions of the leader demonstrate integrity and personal character building while also establishing followership and pushing others to grow professionally through emulating his actions. Discuss how this example embraces both Greenleaf’s principles of servant leadership and the call to service evident in Christianity.



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