5.2 strategic plan draft | Management homework help

 Once the main strategic framework has been established, the remainder of the strategic plan can be developed. This section should include:

  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI): These are measures that define both the current reality as well as the preferred future.
  • Key Initiatives: The allocation of resources is central to strategy.

Wk5 AssignmentThis section is again placed after the previous sections and before the references. A well-developed set of at least 8 KPIs should be included. Also, at least 8 initiatives should be included to demonstrate a strategic allocation of resources.Here is a list of attributes needed for each KPI:

  • Associated Theme:
  • Associated Objective
  • Measure Name: 1-­‐4 words
  • Measure Description:  A sentence that clearly operationalizes the measure in a way that is reasonably clear.
  • Measure Owner: Who is responsible that this goes well?
  • Data Source: Where is the data set for this measure kept?
  • Target: What is the goal? If your company’s average salary is $40,000, perhaps the target would be $41,000.
  • Measure Update: Monthly, Quarterly, or Annually?
  • Update Dates: What are the dates when the data will be updated?

Here is a list of attributes needed for initiatives:

  • Associated Theme:
  • Associated Objective:
  • Initiative Name
  • Initiative Description
  • Initiative Owner (Who is the lead on this project?)
  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • Financial Resources (How much money is needed?
  • Funding Source (Where will the money come from: Budget, Reallocation, Donor, Grants, etc.)
  • Human Resources (How many people and how many total hours will be required for this?)

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