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In an essay, respond to the following questions in any order you choose:

  • In which kinds of situations do you think extraverts make more effective leaders than introverts? What unique introvert trait could make the extraverts more effective in those same situations? 
  • In which kinds of situations do you think introverts make more effective leaders than extraverts? What unique extravert trait could make the introverts more effective in those same situations?
  • Are you more of an introverted or extraverted leader? What kind of changes can you make to take advantage of characteristics of the “other” style — whether it is extraversion or introversion? Which of your natural traits should you work to solidify and strengthen? 
  • Who is your favorite business leader? How would you describe this person’s style? What elements from this person can you “borrow” to improve your own leadership abilities? Explain.

Use of first person voice is appropriate for this assignment. Please remember to be clear and concise while demonstrating an understanding of chapter themes and concepts in your response

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