2-3 case study one: fedex: managing quality day and night

Read “FedEx: Managing Quality Day and Night,” on pages 21 and 22 of your textbook, and watch this video. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6q6V5J1qDs8)

  • Explain how FedEx has incorporated total quality management (TQM) into its overall business strategy. Identify the benefit of taking this approach toward quality. Provide specific examples from the case study, the video, or your own research to support your response.
  • Describe the quality culture within FedEx. Explain how FedEx can use its quality culture as a competitive advantage.
  • Review Deming’s 14 Points for Management. Based on the case study, the video, or your own research, explain which two of Deming’s points FedEx embodies the most. Be sure to provide specific information about FedEx to support your response.

For additional details, please refer to the Case Study One Guidelines and Rubric in the Assignment Guidelines and Rubrics section of the course.

2 Pages with at least 2 references cited


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